Support our soldier’s wives and families by sending a  loving HuginaBox care package to uplift their spirits now!

There are 350,000 families of enlisted soldiers!

Let’s embrace, support and encourage our soldier’s families and show them how much we care!

Packed and delivered by volunteers

Supporting local Israeli businesses

Embracing a soldier’s family

Israel is suffering from long hard weeks at war and whilst our brave soldiers are fighting for our very existence on the front lines, their wives, children and families are true heroes behind the scenes.

At home alone, running their everyday tasks, taking care of their kids, working and at the same time missing , worrying and praying for the safety of all our soldiers.

We want to embrace, encourage and empower those wives and families. So to show them how much we care we have made up a “HuginaBox” quality package. 

Each package consists of  gifts made by local Israeli small businesses who are finding it difficult to prosper during the war and are packaged and sent out by our volunteers.

So what's in the box?

Your HuginaBox will contain gifts to make the family feel loved. Organic cosmetics, an inspiring notebook, a HuginaCup for Mum, pralines, discussion cards, various activities for the kids and more.

Each purchase of a HuginaBox

Embraces and pampers a soldier’s family

Supports the local Israeli economy

Let's do it!

How does it work?

Choose your package or packages

Add a personal note and/or send details of a specific family of your choice

Our volunteers will collect the gifts and package them into a HuginaBox

The packages will to be sent to those families in need of a hug

Our boxes (packed by volunteers)

Local Israeli businesses who are participating and the list is growing

About us

This project was founded out of the understanding of the needs of the families who have been alone for so long and in order to support small Israeli businesses who are struggling in wartime. All the families are in need of a hug, but we work with community leaders to send the hugs to those who need it most. You are also able to choose your recipient family on the checkout page. 

A joint project of Machane Hineni, Bondy and Am Yisrael. 

Esther Einstein

Wife, mother and grandmother
Social entrepreneur in different fields
Runs a social leadership volunteer program for teens-Machane Hineni
Visual journal group facilitator
Unique Peek Home Hosting for tourist groups
Lives in Netanya

Rachel Halperin

Owner of “Bondy” which encourages strong bonding and connection between parents and kids emphasizing one-on-one quality time.
Creates Jewish content, and facilitates groups and workshops with different Jewish communities worldwide.
Rachel is temporarily on shlichut in Dallas with her family.

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